Smart Backup In Tally

(Smart way to backup your Tally data)

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Backing up your important files is something many experts recommend.Business data is crucial to all small, medium & large scale industries. It is essential to protect your data for all types of industries from accidental loss, system crash and data corruption. Today, people tend to forget or neglect to take backup data. If such data gets corrupted it becomes difficult to recover, causing major loss of time, efficiency and cost to the industries. Such industries need the automatic backup system which takes the backup of the company data on daily basis.

Tally Smart Auto Backup automatically takes backup of your important tally data both in local or on cloud at regular intervals. It safeguards your company data by rapidly restoring the backup during the system failure or data loss, bringing your business back to normal operations.Automatic backup eradicates the chances of negligence to take backups manually. It starts the tally application automatically without any human intervention and takes the backup automatically without keeping the tally application on.

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Benefits of Smart Backup In Tally

Easy & Instant Implementation.

Compatible with all tally releases

No knowledge required to use.

Effort & Time Saving.