Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP 9 is the best accounting software in the business that allows you to supervise multiple business related complicated tasks with comprehensive control through a single operating system easily. It has dedicated functionality and control system to fulfill the requirement of organizations having small to large structure.

Quick setup of your GST details so that your business can start without any delay

Support for GST billing and all GST transactions for your business


Easy detection and correction of errors for hassle-free tax return filing

Seamless export of GST returns to Microsoft Excel so you can upload returns or share them with your CA or tax practitioner




India’s Most Popular ERP Software

Now a days it doesn’t matter if you are doing a small business or running a large organization, you need to manage your work efficiently. Choosing Tally ERP 9 makes the accounting related processes reliable, either single user or multi user.

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Upcoming Latest Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.4 is packed with new GST enhancements :




New Features

  1. Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.4 will identify invoices that need e-Way Bill and alert you if there are any missing details which are mandatory for generating the bills.
  2. With a single click, you can export all the information needed for generating e-Way Bill numbers in a JSON format or the Excel Offline Utility tool provided by the department.
  3. You will have the flexibility to export e-Way Bill information for each invoice at the time of saving, or for multiple invoices at one go through a report.
  4. Upload the JSON file in the e-Way Bill portal. The e-Way Bill numbers generated on the portal can be updated against their corresponding invoices in Tally.ERP 9.
  5. You can record and track invoices along with their e-Way Bill numbers from reports.

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  • Tally Release 6.3.1
  • Tally Release 6.2
  • Tally Release 6.1.1
  • Tally Release 6.1
  • Tally Release 6.0.3

Export GSTR-3B in JSON format

You can now directly export GSTR-3B form in JSON format from Release 6.3 and upload it to the GST portal. If you prefer to view the GSTR-3B in MS Excel before uploading, you can do so as well. Download the GSTR-3B Offline Utility from the GST portal. Tally.ERP 9 exports details of the transactions into the GSTR-3B MS Excel form. Click on Validate button in the form. Upon successful validation, you can generate the form in JSON and upload it to the portal.

Print invoices with item-wise and rate-wise breakups

Make your customers happier by printing invoices with complete item-wise and rate-wise tax breakup details. You can see tax details (CGST, IGST, SGST, Cess) individually for each line item. Press F12 > Enable Print Item-wise GST details. Tally.ERP 9 automatically changes the print setting to Landscape.

Generate quarterly GSTR-1 returns

As per the announcements made in the 23rd GST Council Meeting, regular dealers with turnover less than 1.5 Cr have to file GSTR-1 on a quarterly basis. As soon as this feature is enabled in the GST portal, you can generate your quarterly GSTR-1 return from Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.3 as well. In Gateway of Tally, F11 > F3 > Statutory details. Choose: Set/alter GST details. A new option, Periodicity of GSTR-1 is available. Select Quarterly here

Inclusion of Interest and Late Fees payable

Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.3.1 has enhanced the GSTR-3B with a new inclusion of Interest and Late Fees Payable. You can record details of any interest or late fees that you might have to pay here and keep your books updated.

GST compliance

Specify the discount value for each item in the invoice, and the discount value is considered as part of the assessable value of an item.Cash sales are considered as local sales by default now. Cash transactions will be much faster and error free.

Easy to reconcile

Download GSTR-2 from GSTN portal. Open it in Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.2. Select Yes to Update reconciliation of invoice status The status of all the matching invoices gets Accepted within seconds. You only have to Modify or Reject the remaining invoices from a single screen. This can save time for both business owners and GSTPs.

Invoice matching as per the need

GSTINs of suppliers can be sorted or filtered based on invoice value, number of invoices, taxable value and invoices of a specific amount to get different overviews. GSTPs and business owners can use these views to expedite the invoice matching process.

Add invoices not available in GSTR-2

You don’t want to miss your rightful Input Tax Credit! You can now add missing purchases, and invoices of imports and reverse chargeable services which will not be available in the GSTR-2 downloaded from the GSTN portal, to claim Input Tax Credit.

Update books with only changed invoices

Before invoice matching, select Yes to Mark changed vouchers in F11 > Accounting Features. Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.2 marks all vouchers in which changes are made. GSTPs can export this data as an XML file to their clients for updating books after the completion. Business owners who are on Release 6.2 can import this file from Gateway of Tally > Import Data > Vouchers and update their books.

Export JSON of GSTR-1

GSTPs can directly generate GSTR-1 in JSON and upload it in the GSTN portal, and save time by not having to use the offline utility tool for this. GSTR-1 filing is due next month.

Better GST billing experience

Specify the discount value for each item in the invoice, and the discount value is considered as part of the assessable value of an item.Cash sales are considered as local sales by default now. Cash transactions will be much faster and error free.

Improved GSTIN validation

Tally.ERP 9 validates the party GSTIN (as required by the GSTN portal) when you create a party or export GSTR-1. This helps avoid invoice rejection on the GSTN portal due to incorrect party GSTIN.

Deeper GST insights for outward supplies

Do more with your GSTR-1 report. The Return Format view gives you the list of tables in the GSTR-1 return, and this is similar to the view in the offline tool. Drill down from each line to view a replica of what will appear in the GSTN portal. The Summary view gives you a nature of transaction-wise view, with an option to detail it out rate-wise for further analysis.

Better control of round-off mismatches

We have introduced an option in F12: Configure to define the band for round-off limit for mismatches. With this, you can choose to ignore mismatches in tax calculation that occur due to minor round-off differences, up to a specific amount. Fewer mismatches to resolve means lesser work.

Enhanced GSTR-1 export capabilities

  • If you are using compound units of measurement in Tally.ERP 9, you will be happy to know that you can now map UQC to either unit of measurement. Therefore you will have a more accurate HSN summary in your GSTR-1 e-Return.
  • Now the docs sheet is also filled in the exported MS Excel to give you a complete GSTR-1 e-filing experience.
  • Option to enable or disable HSN Summary to choose if you want to export or ignore the HSN Summary for GSTR-1 filing. Option to view the HSN Summary by HSN, or description, or both as per business needs.

Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.1 is packed with these GST enhancements :

  • Generating GSTR-1 for filing your returns
  • Map UoM – UQC report to map existing Units of Measure to the “Unit Quantity Code” required by GST.
  • Advance Receipt – Tax Liability report to know the amount of advances received in a period, and help you create tax liability entries

Tally.ERP 9 Previous Release 6.0.3 is packed with these GST enhancements :

  • Form GSTR-3B for filing returns for the months of July and August
  • E-Sugam for Karnataka for the movement of goods
  • A new report Purchase from URD – Reverse Charge Liability for handling purchases from unregistered dealers
  • Ability to print vehicle number and LR/RR number in the invoice
  • Ability to calculate cess in the invoice for selected products

Features of Tally ERP 9


Single Tally User ERP 9 can be used for the administration of a company with multiple branches and outlets at multiple locations.


E-filling of VAT, CST, TDS,TCS and countless other taxation can be done easily through the Tally ERP 9 Software.and assessment of working progress of a company.


Comprehensive remote access with Confidential Documents and reports e-mailing & Online communication with knowledge base..


Schedule your purchases, cash flow, working capital accurately using the Tally ERP 9 accounting software module. Manage your organization with Trend.


Sales/Purchase Tax Invoice, Sales/purchase order processing , Item-wise rate list & discount management can be done gently using the Tally ERP 9.


Indexing of stock godown wise, Listing of raw material consumption , Stock ageing , you can manage all kind of manufacturing & Job work easily by the Tally ERP 9 Software.


Using the employee’s monthly detail like post, Leaves, Incentives, overtime & all kind of employee details, you can generate payroll using Tally.ERP 9 error free and nicely.


MIS (Management information System) reports can be raised for rapid decision making and assessment of working progress of a company.


Comprehensive remote access with Confidential Documents and reports e-mailing & Online communication with knowledge base..


Complete system lock-down, Admin control center or specify a password for secure encryption. All you can do using the security features comes along with Tally ERP 9.


Multiple stock valuation Multilingual, percentage based reporting and Data migration etc are the miscellaneous features available in the Tally ERP 9 accounting software.

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